Menu To Lose Weight

Select a menu to lose weight is tricky. You must master the correct calorie needs per day and the nutrients contained in foods your diet. If you are wrong in choosing a menu to lose weight, the results you expect difficult to materialize.

But you do not worry, it’s a lot of consulting a nutritionist who is ready to provide guidance to choose a menu to lose weight. Consulting a dietician is what will prescribe to you a variety of menus to lose weight according to your body’s nutritional needs learn more today.

Before you consult your nutritionist, it is advisable to listen to some tips on choosing a menu to lose weight and applications.

  1. Determine the target weight and time you want to achieve. Target weight is to be achieved will determine what type of menu to lower your weight. If you weigh 85 kg now when your height is only 173 cm, so that your ideal body weight to 66 kg, you need to lose weight is 19 kg. Quite a lot rather than fat to be burned? Therefore, please check beforehand with consultant dietitian before preparing the menu to lose weight.

Well once you know the amount of weight loss target, the next step is to determine the length of time to run your diet program. To lose weight about 19 kg, the fastest it takes you about two months. IBHS menus to lose weight are presented really tight. Selected types of food must be really low in calories and fat but have high nutrient content. You also should be diligent in exercising that contained in the body fat quickly burn.

  1. Choose the type of foods that naturally contain rich nutrients: high in protein, yet low in calories and fat. Do not forget also you note the content of other substances such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other substances the body needs. For example, you can add the boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, boiled chicken on the menu to lower your weight. Thus although the number of calories that enter your body is reduced, but your body’s nutritional needs met so you will actually grow healthy diet.

  2. We recommend that type of food served on the menu to lose weight you are not fried. Indeed, if anything fried foods taste so much better than boiled or baked. However taukah you if fried foods tend to be less healthy? This is caused by the oil content is used for frying. Though the actual source of fatty oils that contain cholesterol. It also can damage the oil content of the diet. As with the boiled or roasted. Food nutritional content is not easily damaged. Therefore the menu to lose weight you should be completely free from oil.